Honey Refills, Pure Beeswax, Honey Jars, Candles

3 kg or 5 kg Pail of Honey

3 kg pail of honey

3 Kg Pail

Food Safe Pail with Handle. Great for refilling.

3 Flavour options available for Refills and for the pails


  • 3 kg Pail: $49.50 includes the pail
  • 5 kg Pail: $81.00 includes the pail

We Carry 3 Flavours for Refills and Pails

  • Clover
  • plus 2 other flavours that vary.  
  • Call and ask us what we have in the tanks
  • 250-709-7339

Bringing your jars and containers is Welcome.

*Please, nothing smaller than 1 lb jars (375ml)
*Please make sure they are clean.