The Cowichan Valley Honey Store

5735 Menzies Road, Duncan, BC

7 Flavours & a Refill Bar



100% pure Canadian Honey.

Taste the difference in the seven flavours.

Which is your favorite?

We are a quaint rural Farm Store in the Cowichan Valley with some very special honey flavours.

We are located on our farm where we keep our bees and where we plant our fields and gardens just for our bees.

However, we love different varieties of honey from different areas of Canada.

Blueberry honey is full bodied, dark and fragrant. Sunflower honey is light and great in tea. We carry our own honey as well as at least six other varieties for you to try.

We sell small sampler sizes, and gift sampler boxes.

We sell up to 1 kg jar sizes.

REFILLS – this is what locals love. We have 3 tanks for refills. We always carry Clover but the other 2 tanks are switched around to carry and two of the other flavours.

We sell 3 kg plastic containers which you can purchase and then fill. Fun, fun, fun.

Please drop by and check us out!