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Honey in the Cowichan Valley

We carry 7 or more Varieties of Honey. 

None of these are infused. 

These are pure nectar flavours from the flower/nectar of these plants.

7 Flavours of Honey in Jars


We Carry 1-3 Flavours

  • Our Farm Honey (Bees live on the farm where our store is lcoated)
  • Local Island Blackberry Honey
  • Local Island Fireweed Honey

4 Sizes of jars are available.  
These Flavours are not available for Refills or Bulk/Tank Pricing

Our ‘Other’ Pure Canadian Honey Varieties:

‘Canadian’ but not from the Island

  • Prairie Clover
  • Peace River Blueberry
  • Prairie Wildflower
  • Manitoba Buckwheat
  • Manitoba Sunflower
  • Saskatchewan Honeydew aka Forest (limited availaibility)

Refill Flavours: ($15/kg)

  • Clover,Blueberry and Wildflower

Sizes of Glass Jars for Most of the Varieties

  • 1 kg (750ml jar) $25.00+
  • 1/2 kg (375 ml jar) $14.00+
  • 110 ml jar (Hexagon jar) $5
  • mini samplers (Hexagon) $3

Plastic Container 3 kg and 5 kg

  • 3 kg with Plastic Pail $48
  • 5 kg with Plastic Pail $80
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