Buckwheat Honey 1kg


1 kg Jar. Buckwheat honey from Manitoba.

This is thick, very dark, full bodied honey.  Comparable to Guiness vs lager beer.  Lager being the Clover honey.

Buckwheat has a slight molasses, malt taste.  It is almost black in colour. Delicious on toast.

It is a 100% pure honey.  No infused flavouring.  Pure honey from the nectar of the buckwheat flower.

A favorite amongst Ontario folks.

Unlike other common sweeteners like table sugar, all pure honeys are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that may benefit your health.

Other size options available.

Come visit our Sample Taste Bar and compare it to the other honeys we carry.

In a 750 ml jar, 1 kg of honey.

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Weight 1 kg