Cotton Candle Wicking for Beeswax Candle Making


Wicking for Beeswax candles.   

We sell square braided cotton wicking created specifically for the use in beeswax candles. The ” bleaching ” process is used to whiten the wicking and remove impurities through the use of a salt solution resulting in a cleaner burning wicking.

We carry many sizes.  See the chart below.  Basically smaller wicks for small diameter candles.  Thicker wicks for wider diameter candles.

For Tealight wicks, please see our wick with tabs.


To Order, visit our Other Website: Cowichan Bee Supplies (Both companies operate out of the same store.)


For Tealights we also carry wicks already attacked to tabs, view them here: wick with tabs.

wicks for beeswax candle wicking