Local Farm Honey (Our Bees – Cowichan)


Honey from our farm in Duncan ( Cowichan Valley)

Our honey is raw unprocessed honey.

Our bees live and forage from our Duncan farm. They forage on clover, blackberry, maple, berries, our orchard, and everything from the farms within a 3 mile radius.

If you live near our store, and have allergies, this is the honey you may want to try.

Sizes that are usually available:

750 ml Jar, 1 kg of honey.
500ml Jar has 620 grams
375ml Jar has 500 grams honey
260ml Jar has 390 grams
190ml Jar has 260 grams
110ml Jar has 145grams
45ml Jar has 55 grams

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Jar Size

750ml Jar $32.00 ea, 375ml Jar $18.00 ea, 260ml Jar $16.00 ea, 190ml Jar $14.00 ea, 110ml Jar $8.00 ea, 45ml Jar $4.00 ea